we endorse brands and partners that support organic and fair trade production - #deconsume


It's good to outline the terms of our exchange
  • killthelogo will ship your order at the earliest convenience - usually within 5 working days.
  • Ordered goods are non-returnable.
  • Undelivered orders, due to third party influences - postal or other service failure - are at the client's own risk.
  • Ordering any goods from this store implies acceptance of the above terms.
On the off chance that something does go wrong with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

A word about pricing and production.

In this store, you may find slight price differences with other vendors. Please compare product price + shipping averages and you will see, we're not far off the mark. In any case, we are not trying to be the cheapest. We're trying to keep the boat afloat.  

When producing our own merchandise, we always select - within reason - the best possible option in terms of sustainability, ecology and fair trade practices. For example, you will find that:
  • Our clothing items are from local brands (e.g. Stanley/Stella). We demand European based production with clean organic and fair trade credentials.
  • Whenever we can, we work with local partners for screen printing and other production services. (e.g. Printclinic.be, Toxicmerch.be, Realityrecords.be). These partners are contacts from our old hardcore-days that uphold responsible production methods and abhor product overstock and harmful waste. 
  • Our label [PIAS] is proud to produce our killthelogo records within the Greenvinyl project, as a better alternative for classic vinyl production.

Any suggestions for improving our policies and production methods are welcome. Feel free to send us your thoughts.